It was a stormy night and it was raining quite heavily. She had forgotten to bring the umbrella and couldn’t find any rickshaws so had to walk to the railway station. The roads were unusually deserted as if there was a curfew. The thunder and lightning were so fierce that it shivered her spine. The raindrops were like thorns that were stinging in her entire body. The air was making whistling sounds and it seemed as if the trees were dancing to that sound. Everything was looking scary; her gut feeling told that something was creepy. It was as if the woods, the air; the storm were trying to tell her something. The roads were getting slippery by the minute and the cracks on the roads had taken the form of small puddles. It was visible that Mother Nature was very angry with the human beings and was showing her anger. She was busy looking around when her feet got stuck in one of the puddles and she fell down. Her right knee started bleeding she somehow covered it with her handkerchief.

Suddenly she heard some footsteps behind her and she turned around to shout for help, to her amazement there was no one behind her. Even after getting hurt she tried getting up. After trying a few times she was finally able to stand up, she picked her bag and started walking.

After walking a few hundred meters she again heard those footsteps following her. She stopped walking and turned around and this time whatever she saw was enough to scare the hell out of her. She saw someone, a familiar face, someone who was already dead, her brother. She just couldn’t believe her eyes, how could it be possible, she was scared, she wanted to run but her feet wouldn’t move. It was as if she was frozen there, she just couldn’t move. She saw that her brother was trying to tell something, his voice was not coming clearly so she tried reading his lips. After a few unsuccessful attempts she was finally able to figure out what he was trying to say and when she did it was sufficient to scare her to death.

“She is coming for you, Hide”.

He was repeating the same things again and again. She was shaking with fear when she heard those words, what the hell was his brother doing there, he died four years ago and what the hell was he saying.

She started running continuously until she reached the railway station. She was breathing heavily; she realized that she was inside the platform only when her knee started to hurt. She saw that the train had already arrived, but she didn’t have the energy to board it. She started walking and tried climbing into the compartment. She was walking as if she was lifeless. Her clothes were wet and it was ruining the floor of the AC compartment because of which some of the passengers started shouting. But she didn’t notice because whatever happened on her way to the station was playing with her minds. She was so busy thinking that she even failed to notice that she was already standing near her seat. When she realized she put her bag on the seat and pulled out a pair clothes and started walking towards the toilet.

She was looking at the mirror; her eyes had gotten red due to frequent crying. Her face had mud stains which she tried washing by water. She was crying, the thoughts from the past started coming back into her mind. The thoughts from that night, the night that ended everything, the horrifying memories, the night when she lost everyone she loved, and the night that made her an orphan. She was thinking about all those unfortunate happenings when she heard the knock at the door. She changed into the pair of clothes and exited the toilet. When she came outside she saw a middle-aged man staring at her and he was probably the one who had been banging at the door. He gave her a stern look and went inside the washroom. She threw away her blood-stained clothes from the door of the train and went back to her seat.

She sat down on her seat and looked around. She saw that only few people had boarded the train due to the storm. On the seat opposite her there was a man, in his early 20’s , reading a book. She couldn’t see properly because the compartment was unusually dark. She again started feeling pain in her knees and tried to stop it from bleeding any further.

‘How’d you get hurt?’ asked the boy seeking her attention.

She looked at him again, this time she was able to see his face very clearly. His eyes were deep brown and so was his hair. He had a good build like that of athletes. His face was very attractive and so were his eyes. The concern in his eyes looked genuine. He pulled out his bag under the seat and opened it. He pulled out a small first-aid box and got up from his seat. He came closer to her and sat on his knees. He pulled out a disinfectant and started applying it on her wound by using cotton. Her knees started stinging but her heart started melting by his touch. This was the first time she felt this connection with a complete stranger.

The guy started speaking, ‘You should be more careful, you are lucky that it’s not that bad’. Her heart started beating faster when he started applying the ointment onto her knees. She felt instant relief as if a load was taken off her chest.

‘You have lost a lot of blood, you must be feeling weak, have this’. He pulled out a protein bar from his bag and offered her. She was hesitant at first but as he insisted she took a bite and looked at him.

‘Thank You!’ she finally spoke.

He smiled and replied, ‘Thank Goodness, you are alright’. His smile melted her heart and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

He noticed it and asked, ‘Are you okay?’ It had been years since someone has spoken to her with care and concern.

He understood that she was hiding something. All she needed was a little comfort. He offered her his handkerchief.

He asked, ‘I know that I shouldn’t be asking you about your personal matters but if you want to share something with me, I am here’.

She wiped her tears and took a deep breath. She looked into his eyes and started speaking. ‘Let me tell you a story, a story of a girl who lived in a small village far away from here, the story that started 5 years ago…….’.

 Hey Guys! This is my first post. I hope you all like it. If you want to give me any suggestions feel free to comment on the comment box below. I will not make you wait longer for the next chapter. The next chapter drops in 12 July, 2017. Your love and support is all I need. If you like keep reading the story.
See you all on 12th July


Sobhalisha Panda

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32 thoughts on “Shakti and Her Secret Chapter-1

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  1. We all have to begin at the begining, you have what Simon Cowell would call potential. The bones of your story are in there, learning to lead the reader rather than tell them where you are will alter the perspective, change you from a teller of stories to the writer of great works.. I wish you luck there is a huge amount of lessons available to you on the journey you are starting. A super #FollowitFriday

    Liked by 1 person

  2. don’t “tell” the story make the readers feel it… what i mean is don’t tell the readers what’s happening in the story write it in a way that the readers know what is happening without you telling them, it makes them feel more connected to the story. As instead of “It was a stormy night and it was raining quite heavily. She had forgotten to bring the umbrella and couldn’t find any rickshaws” you could have written “The wind was excited and the trees, helpless dancing in her tone. darkness seemed to engulf the moon and she was already wet and couldn’t find any rickshaw.” (which states that it’s a stormy and scary night and she doesn’t have any umbrella). I hope you understand what i’m saying…
    The suspense and thrill was good though and the story seems to be interesting, just need a little polishing work on what i told you maybe you’ll see it(i used to write the same way😅)
    overall it was a good write. Keep going😊


  3. So this was ur secret plan which u hvnt shared with me..
    Seriously it was a great piece of writings.Hope u continue with more of these and u enjoy in doing that..
    I never felt u r a naive while reading ur blog..
    keep writing… 🙂


  4. Oh.. What a start… Little suspense..little thriller…and peeping love….all arranged so nice nicely!

    …and some day will see in book stands with a coverpage in big bold letter ” – by PANDA S. “.

    Keep writing! We all loved it.

    – Sthitaprajnya & NIBEDITA with two little kids!


  5. So miss Megha..
    It feels good to see you write
    U mentioned it to me one day in office
    Thats good
    U write well
    And have a good weight around what you write
    Keep it up
    Hidden talent has been found
    Will look forward to your blogs


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