Shakti and Her Secret Chapter 3


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The Fort of Mahatvapur

The night wind was chilly; shivering my body. I tried to cover myself with my dupatta. The fort was situated in the centre of the forest near the Mahakali Temple. When I reached there, I folded my hands in front of the idol, prayed to her for strength, took a deep breath and made my way towards the forest.

I slowly entered the forest. The darkness pressed in on me and my body screamed on me to run. The thoughts about coming across wolves made me more scared. But then, I could hear no noise as if the forest had decided to remain silent that night. Aside from my own noisy breath there was nothing to be heard and the woods were simply too dark to see much at all.

As I was nearing the fort my heart started beating faster. I had to prepare myself for any circumstances.

There it was, standing in the middle of the forest covered by trees on all sides. The fort was deserted from about 20 years. How the people living there died was still a mystery. I knew I was all alone there even if I shouted no one was there to help me.

I slowly went inside and opened the creaking door. My eyes were searching for that woman everywhere but I couldn’t see trace her. Suddenly something fell on me from above and a cry escaped my mouth. I tried so hard getting rid of it and when I finally did I realized that it was a bat. It was hurting, the scratches on my back. I covered it with my dupatta(Indian scarf) and I saw something, light, coming from a lamp at some distance. I went closer.

I entered an open space which looked like a destroyed garden. There were huge pillars standing in a circle and in the centre there was a Havan Kund(a small box type structure which is used for a Hindu ritual i.e. burning of offerings such as grains and ghee during Yagnas, ceremonies for worshipping gods.). There were materials like vermillion, sandalwood, camphor and many more things put on trays everywhere. And then I saw her tied to one of the pillars.

She was unconscious. I saw some water in an urn kept near me. I picked it up and sprinkled some water on her face. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me.

‘Are you alright, I asked her, my voice shaking with fear. I think she could sense it.

‘Why are you here?’ she asked.

‘I wanted to help you, you know, to set you free’ I mumbled.

‘No one can help me. This is the life I chose for myself’ she said shouting.

When I heard that I realized that I shouldn’t have gone there. I took a few steps back.

‘Those people were right. You really are a Pretansh’ I shouted in a mixed emotion of anger and fear.

‘No you fool, if I were a Pretansh you wouldn’t be standing alive right now’ she said laughing.

‘Then who are you?’ I asked mustering up courage.

‘I am a mortal, just like you. Come closer kid.’ She said.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘I said come closer.’ She said and made an indication with her head. I don’t know how but I was drawn towards her. I was sitting so closer to her that I could feel her breath on my face. She looked at me with those swollen eyes and started murmuring something maybe some mantras (enchantments). Then she looked at me for a few seconds and said ‘You are one of those’.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘Go; look at your eyes’ she said astonished.

I was scared already and her statement made me tremble. I gathered up courage and searched for something that could show me my reflection. I saw a glass window at some distance. I went near it. When I saw my reflection I was taken aback. My eyes were blue. It was too much take. I pulled out a knife from my salwar and went near the lady. I put the knife on her throat and threatened her.

‘I will kill you’ I warned her.

‘Tell me what are you talking about, what curse did you cast on me? Why are my eyes blue? I asked.

‘There are scratches on your back. That means they already know that you are here. They must be on their way’ She said.

‘Who knows?’ I asked.

‘Stupid girl, don’t ask me such questions’ She shouted.

‘Go, save your life. You are our only hope’ she said.

I was confused; I didn’t know what was happening. I heard some noises from outside. I knew I had to get out from there.

‘If you want answers to your questions go to The Ancient Library present in a hidden cave in this forest. But it would be dangerous, be careful.’ She whispered from behind.

I found a back door in the fort and escaped from there. I ran as fast I could till I was at a safe distance from the fort. I saw from a distance that some people were trying to enter the fort, feeling pity for that woman I left that place.

‘How will I find this library?’ I asked myself.

Okay so the woman is not a Pretansh, than who is she? And why were Shakti’s eyes blue was it some sort of indication? Will she be able to find out the library? What is her secret?

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