Shakti and Her Secret Chapter-4


My pace was slow; too many thoughts were running through my mind, whatever happened at the fort had shaken me. I sat down under a tree, thinking about the happenings in the fort.

‘Where am I supposed to find The Ancient Library’ I said almost frustrated.

Suddenly the ground started shaking, I stood up in fear. I tried running but something grabbed my attention. Someone was hiding behind the tree.

‘Who are you? Why are you hiding?’ I asked.

He slowly came to the front. A tall man about 7 feet high; long brown hair; yellow skin color; big lips looking quite scary.

‘What are you?’ I asked in a threatening voice.

‘I am the guide, the guide of the forest. I am here to help you reach your destination.’ He said.

‘But, why do you want to help me?’ I asked.

‘Coz you are our only hope. That’s what the spirit of the forest told me’ He said.

It was too hard to believe, so many happenings in one night none of which I could digest but I had to stay calm and patient, I knew.

‘Take me to The Ancient Library’ I said.

He started walking and I followed. After walking for about an hour we reached a river, he waved his hand and a boat originated from within the water. He boarded it and made an indication, I climbed up and he started rowing the boat. About 15 minutes later we reached the other end.

‘This is the Ancient part of the forest. The library is situated somewhere nearer. I can’t help you anymore. You have to do this alone. I will wait for you here.’ He whispered into my ears.

I got down from the boat and started searching for the library. The sky got darker as if something was trying to prevent me from finding the library.

I folded my hands, closed my eyes and started praying ‘The spirit of the forest, please help me find out the library.’

Suddenly I saw that forest lit up by itself and a beautiful woman appeared in front of me.

‘Come my dear, I welcome you to my forest’ she said smiling.

‘But before I take you to my library you have to answer my three riddles.’ She said politely.

I folded my hands, bowed and humbly said ‘I would do anything to go to the library’.

She smiled again and asked me the first riddle ‘If you share me you won’t have me. Who am I?’

I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know the answer, but something inside me told me that I knew.

‘A secret’ I said, I myself was astonished by my answer.

‘What disappears when you say its name?’ she asked.

‘Silence’ I said.

‘What goes up and never comes down?’ She asked.

‘Age’ I replied.

She smiled and waved her hand towards an oak tree whose stem formed into a door. She smiled at me and vanished. I entered the door, climbed down the spirals stairs which took me underground. When I reached down it was the biggest library I had ever seen.

‘What do you want?’ I heard someone saying.

‘I want to know about myself. If you could help me I would be really grateful.’ I said.

A dwarf came from behind and said ‘Okay I would help you. You can ask my mom about you.’

He took me to an empty room and closed the door from outside. A hooded structure appeared in front of me. I was taken aback. She looked scary, I thought of running away but she held my hand.

‘Your son told me, that you could answer my questions’ I asked, my breath got heavier every passing minute.

She came near me and looked into my eyes; I was so scared to look into hers.

‘You are the child born out of a curse.’ She said.

‘Curse, what are you talking about?’

‘Let me tell you your birth story child’ she said.

Two Hundred years ago god had two sons who started fighting among themselves for power. God couldn’t see his sons fighting and created two tribes The Red Diamonds clan and The Benitoites clan. He made his elder son, Aupajhivi the leader of the Red Diamonds, who were the destroyers and his younger son, Asadhi who was visually impaired, the leader of the Benitoites, the preservers. God and his younger son thought that fight was over but his elder son thought the exact opposite. He decided to take revenge. He invited his younger brother and The Benitoites for dinner one night and made a plan to humiliate them.

When the younger brother along with the members of his tribe came that night he welcomed them and made them seat in proper seats. He then started insulting them of having an incapable leader. He insulted them by telling them that they cannot preserve the world. He then insulted Asadhi’s wife, who was pregnant, saying that his child would also be impaired. Asadhi’s wife, Indu couldn’t take it any longer and cursed Aupajhivi.

She said, ‘You have crossed your limits Aupajhivi I curse you that every child born in your tribe will be physically impaired. None of them will be able to do anything that will be fruitful for your clan. After 185 years a girl will be born in your clan who will have the power of The Benitoites and she will be the one responsible for the end of your clan.

After cursing Aupajhivi, the Benetoites vanished from there. The Red Diamonds got scared and went to the God for help.

God said ‘I can’t change Indu’s curse but I can give you a blessing. After 183 years a boy will be born to the Benitoites and if the girl and the boy fall in love than peace will be established in between these tribes and resulting into the peace of the world.’ But Aupajhivi was always an ignorant being sent his men to earth and told them to destroy the peaceful earth. His men went to every corner of the earth and generated Pretansh, who generated feelings like greed, anger, lust, discrimination in between the people and sucked out the emotion. People started killing each other and broke their unity. Love started to disappear from the hearts of humans and hatred replaced love’s position. After 185 years as said by the Indu a girl was born in The Red Diamonds whose eyes were blue like the Benetoties. Aupajhivi made plans to kill that child but her mother Riddhi went to the earth and kept her outside the door of a married couple and casted some spells on her which made her look like a normal child, with black eyes and committed suicide . From that day The Red Diamonds are searching for the child in order to kill her and take revenge from the Benitoites.

‘You are that girl my dear. You are the girl born out of a curse. You are the one who will destroy the Red Diamonds and establish peace in earth’ the dwarf mother said.

‘Means I have to destroy my own tribe’ I said.


So Shakti is the cursed child and she is the one who is going to destroy her own tribe and will she be able to find out that boy who will be able to save her tribe and the world. Read the nest chapter to find out. Next chapter out on 19th July, 2017. If you liked this chapter don’t forget to hit that like button and follow me to read more interesting stories in the future and do share this story.


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