Shakti and Her Secret Chapter-5


I came outside the library, too many thoughts to handle. A few hours before I was a normal girl but now I am someone who is supposed to save the world. I came out of the library and went near the guide of the jungle. He dropped me near my village and I made my way towards my home. When I was near my house I saw that the villagers had surrounded my house and were trying to burn it.

I saw my family from a distance, crying by the sight of the burning house. I went near them I reached near them and suddenly someone started shouting from behind, ‘Look the Pretansh is here. Kill her’. I turned back everyone was looking at me with anger. They came nearer; I tried to escape but in vain. They tied my hands and feet, then they brought my family and started beating them brutally.

‘This is what we do to a Pretansh’s family’ they shouted. I tried escaping but unfortunately I couldn’t. They tied my hands and feet. Suddenly some woodcutters came with wooden logs in their hands and started arranging them in a heap. After that they tied my family by rope with the heap of woods. Then the Pujari(Hindu Priest) came and started enchanting some mantras(enchantments) and started doing some rituals then he picked up a burning stick and lighted the heap of woods. The woods started burning and my parents started shouting. I could hear my little brothers cry.

‘Leave them. I shouted, or I will kill you all’ I shouted.

Suddenly my body started sweating and I started feeling stronger, this time when I tried to escape the rope tied to my hands and legs started to get loose. I could see blue flames flickering in my hands. I closed my eyes and tried concentrating; the energy inside me started increasing. This time when I opened my eyes I felt stronger, huge balls of blue flames started coming out of my hands, it hit some people and they turned to ash into no time. Looking at me the villagers started running here and there. I went near the heap and somehow released my parents and my brother but it was too late. I couldn’t save them.

I started crying, it felt strange, I lost everything I had, I was all alone.

‘Shakti’ someone shouted my name from behind. I turned around and saw the priest standing behind me.

‘Pujari Ji, I am not a Pretansh’ I said almost crying.

‘I know that, you are the cursed child’ He said laughing.

I stood up and looked at him surprisingly.

‘Surprised? Why won’t you be I played this game so wisely’ He said laughing at me.

‘What game? What are you talking about?’ I asked in a threatening voice.

‘You are a fool. I kept that woman in the fort because I knew that you would go there. I wanted you to discover your story because I wanted to kill you when you knew your true identity. It would be more fun killing you now.’ He said.

‘You are….’ I murmured.

He transformed into a man wearing dhoti, kurta, turban and some gold ornaments.

‘I am Aupajhivi, your great grandfather and now I am going to kill you granddaughter’ He said laughing.

He tried harming me with his powerful red flames and I was trying to dodge his flames. I hid myself behind a tree, I was breathing heavily but I knew that I had to be strong. I somehow summoned courage and started defending myself but he was too strong.

‘You are not strong enough to defend him, escape’ something whispered in my ears.

I concentrated and I felt as if something was pulling me away. I felt as if I was sinking deeper and deeper into the dark.

So, This was Shakti’s story. But how will she save herself from the danger in future. Reda the next chapter to find out.

Sorry for the short chapter. I promise the next chapter is going to be long. The next chapter will be out on 22nd July 2017.

Lots of Love



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