The Revenge Story

Hey guys this is a new story from adventureread. It is a short one it will be a 2 chapters story. I hope you all will like it

He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer. Then he gently caressed my cheeks and looked into my eyes. His eyes showed love and a gentle smile flashed on his lips.

‘I love you’ he said in a flirtatious voice. I gently pushed him away.

‘Go to the office or you’ll get late and don’t forget to bring Sia from the airport on your way back’ I said.

‘Anything else madam?’ he asked in a funny imitating tone. I nodded in disagreement.

He sat inside the car and closed the glasses. I went near him running, knocked in his window. He opened it with amazement.

‘I love you too’ I said smiling. He gave me a lovely smile, enough to make my day and left for his office. I came inside the house and closed the door.

My sister was stopping by that night so I started making preparations for a special dinner. After preparing dinner I changed into something nice and sat on the Sofa.

The clock started moving faster, than I expected. It was 10pm already but they were still not home. I started to panic. I tried calling him many times but his mobile was switched off. Bad thoughts started emerging in my mind. Suddenly it started raining heavily. I tried convincing myself that they might be delayed because of rain. I tried everything from my side but I was unable to trace them.  I went again and again into the balcony to check but there was no one to be seen there.

I slowly opened the door and saw her standing in a miserable state. Her hair looked messy, clothes torn, head bleeding. She looked at me; tears started forming in her eyes. Before I could ask anything she fell on my arms and started crying.

‘What happened?’ I asked. ‘Let me take you to the hospital. Come on’ I said in a hurried voice.

‘No. Let me feel, that I am finally home’ Sia whispered.

‘Where is, where is Abinash?’ I asked perplexed.

‘I am sorry Shagun, I couldn’t save him. They came and they took him.’ She said.

‘Who came and what did they do to you?’ I asked.

‘They…They’ she murmured and before she could say something she got unconscious.

I somehow managed to take her to the car and laid her in the back seat. I tied my dupatta around her in order to prevent her from falling or getting injured. We reached the hospital and I cried for help. Some people came for my savior and took her inside. She was taken to the operation theater. After about an hour or so the doctors came outside.

‘I am sorry. Your sister is no more’ said the doctor in a pitiful voice.

I couldn’t hold myself any longer. Tears started streaming down my cheeks. My voice became heavier. I didn’t care if anyone was watching, I started crying aloud. ‘I love you. How could you leave me like this?’ I said my voice cracking.

‘Miss Shagun, Can I speak with you in private?’ asked the female doctor in the team. I nodded. She took me to her cabin.

‘Did you know that she was raped?’ asked the doctor.

‘Raped? What are you talking about? Are you sure?’ I asked.

‘Positive’ she replied.

That came as a shock. Suddenly everything went darker. It seemed as if someone has switched off the lights. I started searching for the switch board. When I finally found it I switched it on. I realized that I was in my house, for a few seconds I couldn’t understand what was happening.

‘Shagun’ said a familiar voice from behind.

I turned around and ran into his arms. I heaved a sigh of relief. I started crying out of happiness. I thought that whatever happened in the past was a bad dream.

‘You are okay. Thank God. I was scared to death, I thought that I’d lost you’ I said all in one breath.

‘I am not okay Shagun. You have to come to save me’ he said crying.

‘You have to take revenge for Sia. You have to be strong’ he said in a heavy voice.

‘But you are here, you are home.’ I asked confused.

‘This is not real. Now go’ he said pushing me away from him. ’One more thing Shagun, I want to confess something to you.’ He said.

‘What?’ I asked. But before he could say something my head started feeling heavy and again everything became dark.

I opened my eyes slowly and everything looked blurred for a few seconds. I looked around and found myself in a hospital bed. The back of my head was hurting.

‘She has woken up’ I heard the nurse say from a distance.

After a few minutes some police officers entered the room. One of them pulled a stool and sat near me.

‘I am Inspector Maya Mehra from the crime branch. Are you feeling better Miss. Shagun? She asked.

I tried getting up but she pulled out a pillow from the bed and arranged it behind me for support.

‘If you are better now, I would like asking you some questions’ she said. I nodded and she started asking me questions about the previous night. I answered those but she was still not satisfied.

‘So you are saying that your husband was kidnapped by someone.’ She asked and I nodded.

‘But, what if he was the one who raped and killed Sia and fled away. This was enough to make me angry. I stood up and gave her a stern look. She stood up as well.

‘Leave. I need to rest’ I said to Sameera.

‘We will leave you to rest. This is our job to investigate every possibility, don’t take it personally Miss Shagun’ she said.

I clenched my fist in anger. They were blaming my husband whom I loved the most. They didn’t even consider what state I was currently in.

Suddenly my phone started ringing. The screen was flashing Abinash calling.

So what would happen now, Is Abinash back? Or there is more to come in Shagun’s life? Stay tuned for the final chapter. The next update will be on 5th August. Stay tuned guys.

Lots of love


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