Shakti and Her Secret Chapter 6


‘Since five years I am hiding from The Red Diamonds and searching for someone who can guide me where can I find the Benetotites. I am sure you won’t believe this. You might be finding this weird but this is my story.’ She said looking into those deep brown eyes.

He looked at her surprisingly but after a few seconds he finally broke his silence.

‘Well, it seems pretty weird but my heart says that you are not lying. I want to help you achieve your goal but have you reached a decision?’ He asked.

Her eyes wide open, tears rolling down her soft cheeks which she wiped, took a deep breath and finally spoke ‘ I don’t know what to do’.

She was thinking, lying down on her seat then she closed her eyes and didn’t know when sleep took control of her.

It was early in the morning when she woke up, she looked to her right side but she found that seat empty. She was worried about him her eyes kept searching for him and suddenly someone tapped behind her back.

‘Looking for someone’ he said with a funny frown in his eyebrows.

‘Nope, actually…actually I thought that you might have got down at some station’ She said too hard to cover her concern.

Hearing that he started laughing and said, ‘That’s the lamest excuse I have ever heard he said. But Miss. Shakti don’t forget you have to fall in love with that boy from the benetoites not with me’ to which her cheeks turned red.

He looked into her eyes; he hadn’t seen such a beautiful girl before in his life. Her hair was kohl black and it plunged over her shoulders. She had a wheatish complexion and a pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. She looked like a princess from the stories his mother used to tell him.

‘I am sorry I didn’t ask before but can I know your name?’ She asked waking him up from his thoughts.

‘Sorry’ he said.

‘Your name’ she asked again.

‘Samarth’ he said.

‘Nice name’ she replied.

They both went into an awkward silence for a few minutes; they didn’t know what to talk about with each other. Finally Samarth broke the silence.

‘Shakti, what are you going to do now?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know yet but I have heard of something that can take me to The Benetotites.’ She said.

‘What?’ he asked.

‘Portals, there are two portals here in India that can take me to The Benetoties but there is a problem’. She said

‘What problem?’ he asked with curiosity.

‘I don’t know where the portals are. They can be anywhere and how can I search it in such a big country.’ She said with disappointment.

‘I know who can help us, I mean you’ he said hurriedly.

She asked, ‘Tell me’.

He said ‘My mother used to tell me about him. His name is Bhadrak, mom used to tell he knows everything about everyone. I am sure he can help us I mean you.’

‘It’s okay you can say us, its not just about me it is about the world’ she replied controlling her smile.

‘Take me to him’ she replied.

‘He lives in Mayanagar. It is 100km away from Bhubaneswar.’ He said.

‘Thank you for your help’ she said smiling.

‘I want to come with you. My heart says I shouldn’t leave you alone.’ He said.

‘But my journey is going to be long and dangerous. It is best if you stay away from these things. I can’t put your life in danger’ she said.

‘It’s our journey Shakti and I am coming with you’ he declared his decision.


So what is going to happen in Mayanagar? And why is Samarth so interested in helping Shakti? Is there some chemistry in between this two? Read the next chapter to find out.

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