Myths vs Realities about India- Independence Day Special Part-1

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well.

So, The Independence day of India (my country) is drawing closer I thought it would be great to celebrate it on WordPress with you all. So I thought of a way, I would be posting seven important things about India in the upcoming seven days that will help you to know India a little better. I hope you have a few minutes to spare coz this is gonna be a long post.

9th August- Myths vs Realities about India

10th August- Must Visit Places in India

11th August- Indian Cuisine

12th August- Indian Clothing

13th August- Indian Culture

14th August- Unity in Diversity

15th August- Indian Superheroes

So coming to the point without wasting any further time

I heard a few people speaking about India, which definitely are the myths so I thought that it would be fun to break these myths by presenting the reality before you all. So hold on to your hearts as I reveal the first myth according to my list.


India is the land of snake charmers.


When I first heard this statement I couldn’t control my laugh, I was like….


Now let me tell you the reality.

India is a country having the second largest number of scientists and engineers in the world.

So one cannot be studying and charming snakes at the same time; Don’t you agree?

Look at me I am working all day and blogging at the same time (you know how tiring blogging could become in the starting days), do you think that I have the time to charm snakes?

And even if I had, do you think I did engineering for that?

And who would? Snakes are dangerous for god’s sake.


Come on! I am not Voldermort


Did You know that The Indian Space Research Oganization (ISRO) , created a world record by launching 104 satellites in single mission2017?

I am sure you did. You seem like a smart person. If you didn’t, google it right now(okay not right now after reading this post)

Thanks to ISRO, India became the first country to successfully reach Mars in its first attempt. ISRO also became one of the only four space organisations to have reached the red planet, apart from NASA, Soviet Space Programme and the European Space Programme. Mars Orbiter Mission or MOM had a budget of just Rs. 450 crore, making this Mars mission the least expensive till now. The goal of the mission was to collect more data on the atmosphere of the planet.

And last but not the least, India is the second largest English speaking country.

So now you know that India is definitely not the land of snake charmers. So, the next time you land at India you will definitely realize India is all about charm and not snakes!


Travelling in India is dangerous.


Many people avoid coming to India because they think that travelling in India is dangerous.

They think that the medical condition of India are horrendous there are poisonous snakes everywhere crime is rampant, and you are likely to be attacked by a tiger.

When I listen to these things I am like….


Come on. India is the second most populated country in the world having a population of 1.324 billion (by 2016), alive, do you think the population would be this large if India was dangerous. Come on guys, we are not fools here.


India is a poor country.


There is no question that India is a developing country. That means a large number of people are still poor by Western Standards.

What some people fail to consider is the economic and technological growth of the country which is transforming India into one of the largest economies. The result of this growth is the rapidly growing middle-class with access to the latest in fashion, amenities, technology and services. Come on guys India is not similar to what shown in Slumdog Millionaire.

But the sad part is that poverty still exists in every country of the world and India is no exception.


Indians are similar to those shown in the Bollywood Songs.


Read this hilarious conversation between two people one from India and the other from other country (sorry I couldn’t think of some country’s name because I am trying so hard not to be biased here).

Foreigner(watching a bollywood song): Do you Indians start dancing on the streets?

Indian: What are you saying dude?

Foreigner(pointing to the laptop): See. This is what I am talking about.

Indian: It’s just a movie.

Foreigners: Movies are inspired from realities, so you must be very good at dancing on streets.

Indian: That’s rude. Okay, Tell me one thing.

Foreigner: Shoot

Indian: Will you do it?

Foreigner: Why would I? I am not Indian.

Indian: If you cannot, how can we? Just imagine how weird it is.

Foreigner (thinking): I see your point dude.

So now you know, If you can’t do it than neither can we. It’s weird, we are humans as well.


Indians are vegetarians.


India does have the lowest consumption of meat of any country in the world, which has resulted some of the most delicious vegetarian dishes on the planet.

However fish, chicken and many other non vegetarian dishes are widely available.

Come on don’t tell us as vegetarians. I love eating chicken and so do my friends.

I mean who can deny if this plate is served.


Can you? Well…………………………………I think I know the answer (only if you are a lover of spices)


So guys I hope you liked this post (I hope I didn’t offend anyone but if I did I am really sorry). If you did like this post don’t forget to hit that like button and comment your views in the comments section below. Follow my blog for more of these interesting updates and last but not the least check my next post on Must Visit Places in India.












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  1. This was a great post to read. As someone that is lucky enough to have Indian friends that cook for us all occasionally, I can very much agree that Indian cooking has some of THE BEST Vegetarian meals (Im a vegetarian so am grateful of this lol) Great informative post

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