Hey guys how are you all? This is a brand new story, full of adventure which I have written especially for you guys.This story will have 6 chapters all packed with adventure and mystery. So lets get started.

‘I don’t want to get married, why is it so difficult for you to understand?’ Raashi asked looking at her mother.

‘Come on Raashi. I just want you to be settled, forget him already, will you?’ Raashi’s mother told her, concern in her voice, eyes filled with tears, wrinkles on her face which started looking worse than before. Raashi observed her mother; but somehow she managed to control her tears, taking a deep breath she said, ‘Mom, this has nothing to do with my past. I am just going on this trip because I just want to enjoy my life, so just chill and we will discuss about this later when I come back’.

A car stopped outside their house and started blowing the horn. Raashi said, ‘Heena is here, she will make sure that she ruins our hearing sense if I don’t go outside right now. Please take care mom, I’ll be back soon. Love you’ saying so she hugged her mother, picked her luggage and went outside. She put her luggage inside the dickey and sat inside the car.

‘What’s wrong? Are you fine’ Heena asked looking at Raashi.

‘It upsets me when I say no to her but what I can do, I don’t have a choice’ said Raashi.

‘It’s been 10 years since my father left her for some other women and she has been miserable but she pretends to be strong in front of me and the world but I know that she is killing from inside. She worked hard to raise me and never cried for my father. Sometimes I feel that she should at least cry so that here heart eases down.’ Raashi said with a heavy tone.

‘Calm down Raashi. Everything will be fine and looking at you now I feel that you need this break desperately and maybe you will find someone better than your jerk ex-boyfriend.’. After hearing this Raashi tightened her fist and looked at Heena angrily.

‘We’ll not talk about that’ she said clenching her teeths. Heena realized immediately that she committed a mistake by mentioning about that matter, she knew that Raashi never liked the mention of that topic so she quickly changed the topic saying, ‘ You know Netarhat Forest is a beautiful forest with waterfalls and sceneic beauty. You love waterfalls, don’t you?’.

Raashi nodded and Heena speeded up the car and made their way towards the airport. After reaching their, Heena parked her car and said smiling, ‘Let’s go, find our group’.

‘What group? It’s just the two of us, right?’ Raashi asked.

‘Come on. What’s a trek without a group?’ Heena said raising her eyebrows.

‘Tell me that you are joking’ Raashi asked.

‘I can’t, coz that’s the truth’ she said with a wicked grin on her face.

‘So where are we going to meet your so-called trek group’ Raashi asked.

‘They will meet us inside the airport, now hurry’ she said pulling Raashi’s hand. Both entered the airport after which Heena pointed towards a group and made her way towards them, she chatted with the group for a few minutes after which she looked towards Raashi and made an indication for her to come closer. Pointing towards her friend Heena said, ‘This is Raashi, my BFF’.

‘Hello Raashi, welcome to Netarhat Trek Group’ said a male voice from Heena’s behind after which he came forward. He was a man in his mid-twenties, athletic built and attractive face. He said again, ‘I am Sreyas and I will be your guide for this trek, I’ll make sure this will be the best adventure of your life. Everyone looked excited after listening to Sreyas but Raashi felt that something was weird; her gut sense told her that something was not right.

Suddenly Sreyas’s phone started ringing after which his expression changed, he said, ‘Guys I’ve to take this call, stay here I’ll be back in 2 minutes’. Raashi thought that it was the best time to find out the truth about that creepy guide. She followed him without anyone noticing; she stood at a safe distance where she couldn’t be seen but at the same time she would be able to hear his conversation.

‘I’ve bought all the pigs and I’ll make them ready to be slaughtered. You just have to keep your promise or else I’ll ruin everything.’ he was telling this to someone over the phone. After hearing this Raashi got scared, she made her way quickly towards the group, her eyes searching for Heena and she found her. She quickly pulled her towards a corner and said, ‘I…I hear Sreyas talking to someone over the phone. He is planning to lure us in to the forest and kill us. We need to cancel this trek immediately and warn everyone in the group.

‘What’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me you are imagining things already, skip the role James Bond and try to enjoy trip. Why is it so difficult for you?’ Heena said sarcastically.

‘You don’t trust me. I am not lying Heena, believe me please’. Raashi said in a pleading tone.

‘Look if you don’t want to come, you’re free to go but don’t ruin this for me.’ Heena said angrily.

‘Heena please, come with me’ Raashi said. Suddenly someone tapped behind my shoulder, her heart started beating faster; she turned around and found Sreyas standing behind her with a weird smile on his face.

‘Do we have a problem here?’ he said raising his eyebrows.

‘She is not coming with us.’ Heena said pointing towards Raashi and left from there.

‘Are you scared of the upcoming adventure Miss.Raashi?’ he said looking at her. She didn’t reply and kept staring at him angrily.

‘Up to you’ he said and made his way inside the flight. Thoughts crowded Raashi’s mind; she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She held to her boarding pass tighter, taking a deep breath she said to herself, ‘I can’t let Heena go alone. I have to protect her.’ Saying this she went inside the flight.

‘Welcome to Indigo mam’ a smiling air hostess said to her.

‘Thanks’ she replied.

She looked at her pass for seat no, 45 C was printed on the pass. She tried searching for her group and she spotted them at a distance. She went and sat near Heena.

Heena looked at her and said smiling, ‘I knew that you’d come’.

‘I couldn’t let you go alone.’ Raashi replied looking at her.

Raashi tied the seat belt, looked around and found Sreyas looking at her. His eyes looked mysterious and he smiled at her. He came closer to her and whispered into her ears, ‘You are a fool’. He said so and went back to his seat after which the plane started taking off.

Hey guys I hope you’re enjoying the story so far. So what’s gonna happen when they reach the Netarthat forest and what Sreyas is planning? Will Raashi be able to discover his plan? Will she be able to save Heena and the other group members? Read the next chapter which will take you closer to the upcoming adventure. If you liked this chapter don’t forget to hit that like button and comment your opinions in the comments section below and follow my blog for getting email updates of the future posts. Keep reading all the 6 chapters and I have a special surprise gift planned for you in the 6th chapter. Next update on 13th October, 2017. 

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