After landing at Ranchi Airport the group made their way towards a hotel to stay for the night.

‘LAST STOP’ the hotel sign board said.

‘Interesting name’ Heena said looking at Raashi.

‘Or weird’ Raashi said observing the surroundings.

Sreyas blew the whistle and the whole group surrounded him. He said, ‘We are gonna rest tonight in this hotel and tomorrow at 7:00am we will make our way towards the Netarhat forest. So I suggest you take sufficient rest coz tomorrow is going to be a long day for you all.’ A creepy smile covered his face.

‘So I have tonight to expose this fraud guide.’ Raashi said to herself.

There were 10 rooms given to the 20 members, Raashi and Heena were sharing a room. Raashi was thinking of a plan which would help her expose Sreyas. She decided that it was better to search through his stuff which would help her to get some clue and she could prove her statement to everyone. She observed that Heena was taking a nap, without making noise she went outside the room. She made her way towards Sreyas’s room.

She was shivering from head to toe out of fear; she knew that if she got caught then the consequences could be severe. She tried opening the lock, but as expected, it was locked. She tried picking the lock by using her hair pin but it got stuck mid way. She tried to get it out when suddenly someone tapped behind her shoulder.

‘What are you doing here?’ asked a male voice from behind.

Raashi got nervous, her breath started getting heavy; biting her lip she turned around. She looked at him, his eyes looked questioning.

‘Who are you?’ asked Raashi looking at him.

‘Haven’t you noticed, I am in your trek group’ said the man.

‘But that’s not the question; what are you planning to steal from the guide’s room?’ he asked raising his eyebrows.

Raashi couldn’t figure out what to answer; whether she could trust him to tell him the truth.

‘And why does that interest you?’ Raashi said picking up some courage in her tone.

He started laughing hearing her statement and came closer to Raashi, so close that she could feel his breath on her face. She turned her head right, taking a deep breath she summoned up courage, looking into his eyes she replied, ‘I was searching for my room and got confused, thinking of this as my room, I was trying to open this.’

He said nothing; giving her a convinced nod he left that place. Raashi heaved a sigh of relief but she knew that she had to come up with a plan B in order  to expose the guide.

She went inside her room and lied on her bed.

‘Where were you?’ Heena asked, she looked at Heena and said, ‘I went out for a walk and forgot my way back, and it took me some time to figure it out.’

‘What’s gotten into you these days you’re acting strange?’ she said.

‘You’re thinking too much Heena, Good Night’ said Raashi closing her eyes.

The next morning she woke up early than Heena, and looked out of the window. She got dressed and went outside for a jog.

She went outside and jogged for a few minutes after which she got exhausted and sat on a bench. She was breathing heavily when she saw someone offering her a water bottle.

‘Thanks Heena’ she said looking at the person, she was astonished to look at the person standing in front of her. It was none other than Sreyas, she stood up from the bench and looked at him angrily. She was about to leave when he held her hand to stop her.

‘How dare you?’ she said looking at him angrily.

‘Why did you come back?’ he asked looking at her, his eyes looked real that time, not creepy like usual.

‘I couldn’t let some creep like you, murder innocent people’ Raashi replied with a strong voice.

‘How do you know if someone is innocent?’ he said looking at her.

‘All I know is that my friend Heena never harmed anyone to deserve this.’ She said looking into his deep brown eyes.

‘Are you sure about that Raashi? Is she really your true friend?’ he asked looking at her, his voice shaking.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked, he could figure out the fear in her eyes. He laughed listening to her question.

‘What I mean is that I am giving you another chance, go back to your mother’. Sreyas said in a serious tone.

‘What and how do you know my mother?’ she asked, her face displayed her confusion.

‘I know a lot more than you can imagine Raashi.’ He said.

‘Look, I am warning you. Just leave from here and I’ll forget that I ever met you and if you try to interfere in between my work again than remember I won’t hesitate killing you’ he said in a threatening voice and left from there.

‘What do you mean Sreyas? Answer me.’ She said almost shouting at him but she didn’t get a response.

She sat on the ground, tears started streaming down her cheeks; she looked up to the sky and closed her eyes thinking.


‘How’d you get hurt?’ mom asked the 10 years old Raashi.

‘It’s nothing Ma, I just slipped on the wet floor’ Raashi said looking at her mom.

‘Why don’t you take care of yourself Raashi? How will I live if something happen to you?’ mom said crying.

‘I am fine mom, don’t worry and nothing will happen to me or you, we will always be together, I promise’ said young Raashi wiping her mother’s tears.

Raashi started thinking, ‘What will happen to her if something happens to me? She won’t be able to survive.’

So Raashi got weak thinking of her mother? Why did Sreyas bother warning her? Is Sreyas developing a soft corner for her? What is Heena hiding? In order to get these answer check out the next chapter. If you liked the chapter don’t forget to hit that like button ad comment your opinions in the comments section below. Follow my blog in order to get updates for the future posts. Next update on 15th October, 2017.

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