‘Netarhat is a town in Latehar District, Ranchi. It is also known as the Queen of Chotanagpur, it is a popular hill station. It is a plateau covered with thick forest located in the Pat region of Chotanagpur Plateau. It is 156 kilometers away from Ranchi. It is a place with waterfalls and scenic beauty. Its sunset and sunrise are quite famous, we are going in the summer season and the forest will be at its best now so it’s the perfect time to visit there.’ said Sreyas giving a long description about the beauty of the place they were about to visit.

Listening to him everyone in the bus clapped liked little kids going on a vacation.

‘So is everyone here?’ Sreyas asked.

‘Raashi is missing’, Said Heena entering the bus.

Sreyas smiled listening to Heena but he covered it soon with a serious look on his face.

‘Where is she?’ he asked just for the sake of formality.

‘I don’t know, I haven’t seen her since morning, I tried calling her but she is not picking up’, she replied.

‘Maybe she changed her mind. I think she doesn’t want to go.’ Sreyas said.

‘Yes, she didn’t look interested from the very start. Maybe she left.’ Heena replied.

Sreyas took a deep breath and asked the driver to start the bus. The driver started the engine and the bus started moving slowly, it had already started picking up pace when someone started knocking on the door. Listening to it the driver stopped the bus, the door opened and Raashi entered the bus. Looking at her everyone started cheering, ‘Raashi is back…Raashi is back’ repeatedly.

Raashi eyes searched for Sreyas, she found him looking at her with an astonished look on his face.

‘You came’, He asked looking at her.

‘Seems like it’ she replied looking at him. She smiled sarcastically and went and sat next to Heena.

‘This girl is crazy’, said Sreyas to himself.

The vehicle picked up pace and everyone started enjoying the journey by their own ways.

An hour passed. Suddenly a noise was heard after which the driver stopped the bus, everyone got startled. Sreyas got up from his seat and assured everyone that he was going down in order to check what’s wrong. After a few minutes faint noises were heard outside the bus. Everyone got down from the bus. Raashi got down, she could hear someone quarrelling. She went to the front; she could see the driver arguing with an old lady.

‘Don’t you have eyes; you couldn’t see such a big bus.’ He said angrily.

‘You are the one who is blind, is the road your property to claim.’ She said looking at him. Her face was not clearly visible; Raashi went closer in order to get a closer look of the lady.

She looked like she was in her 70’s , she was holding a stick in order to support her, her entire body was full of wrinkles, she was wearing a sari, she looked like she was a tribal of the area.

‘What happened?’ Raashi asked looking at her.

The woman turned towards her, walked closer and observed Raashi. She looked into Raashi’s eyes, Raashi could see that one of the eye of the woman was affected by cataract.

‘This driver tried hitting me by this vehicle.’ She replied, her voice was not clear coz she had a mouthful of beetle.

‘I am so sorry , are you hurt? Heena bring the first aid kit from my bag.’ Raashi said.

‘Oh, no my dear, I am fine.’ She said. She looked at Raashi carefully,she took her hand; closed her eyes and started whispering.

Raashi stepped backwards, scared, suddenly Sreyas stepped in between Raashi and the lady and said, ‘What’s your problem? You didn’t get hurt, right, so just let us go now.’

‘Death, you all will face death very soon, and one of you will be responsible’ she said and laughed looking towards the group. She looked at Raashi, smiled and walked away.

‘Okay everyone get back to your seats, we need to reach our destination soon.’ He said and everyone started getting into the bus. He came near Raashi and said angrily, ‘Do you have to butt your nose in everything’.

Raashi said nothing and took her seat, everyone around started whispering.

‘Do you think that the old lady was telling the truth?’ said Ashley to her friend Rita.

Sreyas got up from his seat and said, ‘Look everyone, there is no need to pay attention to all that blabbing by that old lady. We are going there to enjoy ourselves and nothing can in between that, so all of you just relax.’

Everyone kept quiet after listening to Sreyas and the bus continued its journey towards.  They started enjoying the views of the seven hills and whatever nature had to offer them.

At about 2:00pm they reach The Sunrise Hotel at Netarhat and everyone got down from the bus.

‘Okay everyone welcome to one of the most beautiful forest’s in India. So today you can do whatever you like and tomorrow we will be meeting at 6:00am, at this place.’ Sreyas said and everyone made their way towards their respective rooms.

‘I’m gonna take a shower first and then we can go for lunch.’ said Raashi. Heena nodded and jumped onto her bed.

After about half an hour both made their way towards the hotel’s restaurant. They took a seat and started looking at the menu.

‘Do you mind if I join you guys?’ said someone from behind.

Raashi turned the around, it was the same guy she met in front of Sreyas’s room.

‘No, of course we don’t.’ said Heena in a flirtatious voice.

He took a seat next to Heena and looked at Raashi. ‘I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself that day, I am Jasper’ he said smiling.

‘Nice to meet you Jasper, I am Heena’ she said smiling.

‘Beautiful name.’ he said kissing Heena’s hand.

Heena looked at Raashi and made an indication; that was enough for her to understand that she was being a third wheel there. She said, ‘Guys, I think I forgot my wallet in the room. I’ll be back’ she said and left that place.

She went outside and stood near the gate. ‘So your friend ditched you’ said Sreyas from behind.

‘Why do you care?’ she replied.

‘Why do you always talk like this?’ he asked.

She got up from there and went near a tea stall from where she bought a packet of biscuits and a cup of tea. She sat on a bench near the stall and started eating.

‘Bhaiya, give me a cup of tea’, Said Sreyas to the man in the tea stall.

Raashi looked at Sreyas angrily. She asked, ‘How long are you planning to follow me?’

‘You eat biscuits for lunch.’ He said looking at her.

‘Do I have a choice?’ she asked annoyingly.

Listening to her statement Sreyas smiled. ‘Later I am going to watch the sunset here, will you come with me?’ he asked looking at her.

‘So that you can get rid of me on the first day itself’, She asked.

‘I don’t need to take you in the forest to kill you. I can do it here as well ‘, he replied.

After that both of them went to the point where the sunset looked it’s best.

‘What do you want ask?’ Raashi said looking at Sreyas.

‘What?’ he asked surprisingly.

‘You have a question right. You can ask me now.’ She replied.

‘Why did you come back even after my warning?’ he asked.

‘I got weak thinking of my mother but then I remembered that my mother is an extraordinary woman. When my father left her she could have chosen the easy path, that’s living with her parents but she didn’t, she worked hard and made herself capable of raising me. She always choose the difficult yet right path but then how can I being her daughter take the easy but wrong path ’ said Raashi.

‘You are a strange girl Raashi, I am unable to understand you. But don’t get mistaken when I behave softly with you. You are my enemy now and I won’t hesitate killing you.’ Sreyas said.

‘Don’t hesitate and if I have to save everyone from you than I won’t hesitate killing you either.’ She replied after which she left that place and made her way towards the hotel. When she reached in front of the gate, she found that some people were standing in a circle, surrounding something. She went closer.

‘What is this smell?’ she said to herself.

She went near it and whatever she saw was enough to scare her. Ashley was lying there, dead.

So, Ashley is dead. What will happen now? Raashi threatened Sreyas, what will he do with her now? What will happen in the trek? To get all these answer you need to wait just a little, for the next chapter. If you liked this chapter don’t forget to hit like and comment your opinions in the comments section below and if you like my post than follow my blog for more. Next chapter out on 17th October, 2017.

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