You don’t scare me, I am strong

Hello everyone,,,,,,Welcome Back to my blog. Today I am going to share with you an incident that happened with me a few years back. I was previously scared to talk about it but right now I don’t care. I want all of you to know about it.

Few years back, when I was in college something happened. I got a call that someone has uploaded some edited pictures of mine on facebook. It was a facebook id using my name and details. The pictures uploaded on that page were something that I can’t even explain in front of you guys. The face was mine and the body was somebody else’s. It was those kind of pictures, any girl cannot even imagine seeing herself like that. I cried a lot it hurt me like anything. I couldn’t even summon the courage to see those pictures again. Being an Indian girl I couldn’t even share it with anyone. I was scared that it would ruin my image in front of everyone. I also received threat messages from unknown ids and it scared me even more. I used to feel scared when someone stared me out in the public. I was afraid to take pictures. I was afraid to go outside. My life practically turned into a hell. I exactly knew who did it, but I didn’t have any evidence to make them pay.

I called my parents and informed them about it. They were not sure what to do. But then I thought that if I would keep mum and do nothing about it than the purpose of those culprits would be solved. I summoned up the courage and we filed a case in the Cyber Crime Department.  The justice is yet to be done but this incident made me stronger. I realized that I have already won from those people by getting up and fighting. It taught me many a things about life.

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I wanted to share this with all the girls out there.

Be the strongest form of you girls, don’t let those losers break you. You are strong and let those losers know that they can’t mess with you.

And a message for those losers out there…..

“Don’t think of woman as weak, don’t make her angry. If you do and she loses her calm,you’ll face her fury. And the losers who tried hurting me, remember one thing, you messed with the wrong girl this time. Get ready to face your Karma”

Thanks for reading guys. I won’t tell you to like this post. I would just like to tell you to share it as much as you can so that every girl out there gets a message that Weakness is not a solution to anything. Be strong always and don’t give a shit about such losers.

Last but not the least I would like to thank my family & friends to support me throughout my hard times.

Thankyou So much everyone for reading my story.

Lots of Love

Sobhalisha Panda


19 thoughts on “You don’t scare me, I am strong

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  1. Oh, it was horrible! The person who did it was so obnoxious! I have never experienced something like that but I know it was very nasty for you. Glad you’re fine now! It’s important to stay strong and show that we’re the winners 🙂
    All the best!

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