Are we losing our touch?

Hey Guys, Welcome Back to my blog and those who are here for the first time a big welcome to you people.

Guys I have been planning to do this blog since a week but couldn’t get the time, so today I decided that I had to do it anyhow.

DISCLAIMER: This is a blog that has something that I wan’t to say to the people of my country. My intention is not to hurt anyone’s feeling it’s just something that I felt recently and had to write about. I don’t have any intention to hurt the feelings of the readers of other country or I don’t mean to insult any other culture or cuisine  it’s just a plain and simple blog having a lot of questions probably than answers.

So, finally let’s start the blog…

Have you been to airports before (Indian Airports to be precised)?

If your answer is yes, how many times you had cravings while being at the airport?

(Guys I know they are expensive but let’s ignore the prices for once)

So, let’s say you are inside an Indian International airport and you are starving, what do you do?

Obviously you browse through the stalls.

Have you seen it’s menu? (Be honest to yourself guys)

What did you find?

Sandwich? Popcorn? Wraps?
Pizza? Pasta?

Am I right or am I wrong?

How many stalls can you see offering samosas or vada paos?

Come on, tell me.

Let me tell something that I personally felt, nowadays in an airport it is very difficult to find a decent Indian meal, the stalls in the airport are so busy satisfying the visitors from other country that they clearly forget that the airport is actually located in India and the most important part, they are Indians.

Am I right or am I wrong?

Just consider an example, suppose you are travelling overseas and you are inside an International airport of other countries, how many food stalls do you expect sell Indian food? Tell me.

All of those people of  other countries are busy promoting their culture or their cuisine and we are blindly following them. If we really want to learn something from them why not learn how they respect their culture and how they are promoting them? And I am sure that they are really good with those promotions because right now in almost every corner of India, you can find Chowmein or Pastas or Sandwiches in the menu(I can assure you).

Have we ever thought that when people from other countries visit India, Indian airports are the first thing they see, they might be expecting to see a glimpse of India from the airports but what do we show them, sandwiches and some pasta. Come on guys, that’s the thing they eat everyday when they are in their own country and now they are at India and they might be expecting a spicy Indian dish(spices are the life of Indian Cuisine). Am I right?

I might be sounding like an old-fashioned Indian to some of you but trust me guys I am saying something that I feel.

Why do you think that Narendra Modi Sir introduced this decade as the decade of innovations or like the Make In India concept, why was it introduced?

Guys these concepts helps in providing talents inside India to develop further and these are the methods that can strengthen Indian economy. Because the more we Make In India, the more we stops importing too much from other countries and then we can finally think of a developed nation.

Okay, guys, how many girls have you heard saying? I can’t wear salwar because I might look like a behenji? And guys saying, I don’t like wearing a sherwani, I look so cool and hot in a tuxedo?

Like really guys, chill.

I like guys in a sherwani rather than the one’s in tux. Look at the picture below.


Tell me girls, weren’t you smitten by this avatar of king khan. 🙂

Or guys


Does she look like a behenji?

Come on guys the whole point of this blog is that accept who you are? Realize your ground realities,Accept that you are an Indian? I am not saying that remove all the sandwiches from the airports or don’t wear tuxedo? It’s just that don’t make it a status symbol. Just do something because you like doing it not because somebody else is following it. Respect you culture and respect other cultures as well. But don’t say that Indian food can make you obese. This is the food that our ancestors have been eating since centuries and it’s in our blood.

So the next time you go to airport ask them to introduce a menu that is Indian and if you see a girl wearing a saree tell her that she looks beautiful. 🙂

To my readers from other countries,

Guys & Girls, I love you all. I didn’t mean to offend you but if I did, I am really sorry. It’s just a sincere appeal that I made to my fellow Indians. Don’t take it personally. I love sandwiches and pastas. Trust me. But I am a blogger, I like writing about things that actually touches my heart. I respect every culture and every cuisine and I am sure that they are as tasty as Indian food. This blog is just to make a few people realize that they are imitating instead of developing.

Thank you all for reading this blog.

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Lots of Love

Sobhalisha Panda







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