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Welcome back to my blog…….. 🙂

Before I start today’s blog, I really want to take a moment to thank all of my readers for reading, writing and commenting on my blog and without your love and support I wouldn’t have been able to write more, love you all.

Okay, now coming to today’s blog. The heading of the blog is self explanatory but this is a really important blog for me so I want you to stick till the end and I promise it won’t disappoint you guys.

The idea of writing this blog came to me about a month back when I was walking towards my hostel and something happened with me. Wanna know what happened, wait for my next blog (I am just kidding :p, it starts from the next paragraph).

Okay, it was late afternoon, I don’t exactly remember the time but it could be between 3-4pm. It was during the initial days when I joined for MBA at Symbiosis. I had had a dispute with one of my classmate’s(I won’t take any names or discuss about the dispute don’t worry 🙂 ). So, I was walking towards the hostel with a heavy heart. I was cursing my life and my problems, how my luck didn’t support me and how problems find there way into my life. It was raining slightly at that time, but even those cool raindrops couldn’t calm my anxious heart (remember when we were children, while coming back from school we intentionally forgot our raincoats & umbrellas in order to get drenched in the rain, no matter how bad the day was, the rain made us happy, where did that happiness disappear, can you recollect people?).

From a distance I could see a few people cleaning the wild grass on the parking lot, few of them were women.

As soon as I reached near them, one of them looked at me and politely asked, ‘Didi, time kya hua hai?'(Elder sister, what is the time?). I looked at my phone and told them the time.

When I started walking again, one of them asked, ‘Didi, khana khaya?'(Did you have your meal/lunch?). I nodded my head and asked them the same question to which they replied positive. All the women looked at me and smiled, for an instance I looked at them and smiled back. A young girl, probably in her late teens said looking into my eyes, and I don’t know what she sensed, she said, ‘Didi, you look tired, go take rest’ and gave me the warmest smile ever. That smile instantly struck my heart, that incident left a deep impression in my heart. That day I realised the power that a smile had, coz it calmed me down within seconds.


I left from there but I started thinking, how beautiful her smile was, how beautiful her heart was. In that rain, when people like us having all the facilities in life (from buying that perfect crop top from Zara to going out to Starbucks for having a cup of coffee by paying more than the daily wage of those workers), are still complaining about life while those people, getting drenched in the rain, pulling out grass without worrying how it can ruin their nails or how it could spoil their skin and even with the risk of lives(we can’t even imagine how many poisonous snakes or scorpions are roaming on those wet grass) are still smiling. They don’t sleep on double spring mattress or wear silk clothes neither they go out on movie dates in PVR or for having a burger in McDonalds but they are still smiling. They don’t have Audi or Innova picking them up instead they have to walk miles to work and while returning to home and here we lose patience by waiting for 5 minutes for our turn in the mess (I am no different, I get annoyed while waiting as well). They have mud on their clothes, hands and face, that doesn’t make them look any ugly instead that makes them more beautiful than us because that’s what represents their hard work and dedication.

The purpose of writing this long and boring speech is just to tell you people something that I have realised recently. We need to stop complaining people. Look around you guys, god has given you so many things to enjoy in life, your parents have given you every thing so that you can live in comfort, learn to treasure. Instead of complaining learn to treasure the gifts, these moments and the people around. Trust me, do it before it’s too late. Once you start seeing the things positively and stop complaining you will see how beautiful life will become.

I am an engineer, studying MBA in banking and finance currently. We are being taught about what helps or affects the GDP of our economy, I agree with all that’s being taught to us but I know one thing for sure that each and everyone from a security guard to a cleaner everyone has equal contribution in boosting our economy because without them we wouldn’t be able to do anything.

So let’s take a moment to thank those people and appreciate their hard work, talent, dedication and sacrifice.


Just say thank you to one of them at least once and make them feel special for a moment guys, trust me they would treasure your emotion forever.

( And those of you who are thinking that it’s their duty and they are getting salary for it. Think again, nature strikes a balance in everything, samajhdaar ko ishaara kaafi hai (one clue is sufficient for a clever person))

I am not asking you to give up on your luxurious life I am just saying that try to search for happiness in little things and make your life beautiful and the world a beautiful place to live in.

Thanks a lot for reading people. If you agree with my point let me know in the comment section below, don’t forget to smash that like button and follow my blog to get email updates whenever I post a new blog.

Lots of Love

Sobhalisha Panda

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