Stuck in the fangs of the social media? You must read this!

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Look at the picture shown above carefully!

What if a video with a thumbnail like the one above, appears on you phone screen???

Won’t you be curious enough to click on it?

Come on! Just think about it once!

Okay, deny it if you want but there are high chances that you will click on it.

But what if the picture above comes in front of a teenage girl? What do you think she will do?

Yeah! She will click on it.

She will start comparing herself with the girl on the picture and watch makeup videos and trying to look like the girl on the screen(you know all these before and after concept). Come on girls, admit it!We all have tried to create those smokey eyes, watching youtube videos and how that turns out, you all know :p.

We know the amount of lighting and editing that goes into making these videos but how will the teenagers react to it, is something that we should think about. What do you say guys?

Nowadays the youth has a whole new world online and the selfies and candid shots has become a sort of obsession. Getting facebook/instagram likes is very important. I have seen people uploading a pic and checking their phone afterwards just checking the number of likes they receive. If someone get lesser number of likes they think they are ugly and the ones who get more, think of themselves as popular stars amongst their groups.

But, let’s think about the real life scenario, everyone cannot become a movie star or model or similar professions that gives fame. Am I right guys?

Nowadays there is a new profession, that is full on swing…….guess what!

When I was in school, my classmates and I wanted to be in all kinds of professions when we grew up, but mostly teachers, engineers and doctors. YouTube wasn’t in existence. Today, after the platform was created, YouTuber, and social media personality in general, has joined this list of jobs, becoming the top desired career for many young people.

survey from travel company First Choice of 1,000 children, age 6 to 17, reported that more than a third of the children want a career in the online video industry, YouTube especially.

If you go and ask any teenager these days what they wanna become, guess what they would reply? Most of them want to become a Youtuber by following their favourite Youtube Star or some popular Instagram star.

But, just to give a reality check, EVERYONE CANNOT BECOME A YOUTUBE STAR

It’s pure luck if your videos get hits initially because there are so many videos made by thousands of aspiring Youtubers, that there are high chances that your videos might not get as many views as you like.

Getting the perfect body, the perfect hair style, the perfect nails, why is it so important?

Guys think about it! These models or youtube stars or the Instagram idols, they maintain their body, head to toe, because it is their profession. That is what they get paid for and they can afford to spend their time toning their body or perfecting their winged eyeliner but we cannot do that. We have an actual job to do and we cannot waste our time idealising something which is not less than an illusion.

I have seen people going to McDonalds, KFC or Subway just to get a good picture of the burger or the bucket chicken, so that they can post it on their Instagram page using hashtags. They have less interest in eating it and more in showing people their lifestyle.

The point of me writing is not to discourage your dream of becoming a social media star but the purpose to is to give you guys, the youth of today, a reality check and to help them realise what is actually important in life.

So, my suggestion would be use your time on social media wisely, don’t get stuck in these traps, realise the importance of your time, spend time with people you love and do something for yourself because remember

Read the quotes below and decide for yourself.




Thank You So much for reading guys.

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Lots of Love

Sobhalisha Panda

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