The World of Advertisements- Attractive But Deceptive

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Today I have decided to create a hilarious but true post about advertisements. So, in order to get the full information keep on reading….

The idea about this matter first came into mind when I was participating in a Group Discussion for my MBA admissions. Also recently I saw a post online about the attractive but deceptive world of advertisements. So, let’s start by getting a brief idea on the direction towards which I want to take this discussion.

India is home to people of all kind of religions, colours, shapes, sizes etc. Also it is one of the most populated countries of the world therefore making it a market with great potential.

This country is a perfect platform for various companies belonging to various sectors or domains to reach a wider audience. This is where the advertisements come into picture. Whether it is social media advertisement or the ones from the electronic media like television; advertisements have evolved as more and more attractive over the years. But inspite of being attractive these advertisements can be quite deceptive as well. You wanna know how? Here we go..

Beauty Commercials:- This one has been going on since decades now, it’s none other than the Fair and Lovely Cream.


Okay, no one has achieved fair & lovely skin by using this cream trust me :p

       India is a country known for it’s brown skin, it’s our climate that is the reason for our dusky skin colours and this people are gonna change our skin colours please!

“I guess they could invent some weather controlling device that can help us achieve the white and beautiful skin like these models.”

And who are this people fooling :). We all know that these cream and other similar products don’t provide the whitening effect on our skins. Then why are we people still getting fooled and why do we still believe that white is beautiful? (don’t deny it most of our thinking is quite similar).

2. Weight loss Commercials:- This one is in full bloom nowadays, thanks to MacD, KFC, Subway etc.


Remember this ad of Shraddha Kapoor where she tells us that get rid of belly pooch by drinking green tea and getting light exercise.

I read a meme about green tea recently,

“The only way to lose weight using green tea is if you go and get it yourself from the mountain”

Okay, once and for all, it is not possible to spot reduce fat. You have to watch your diet as well. Whether you drink green tea or not is completely optional. Don’t let these ads mislead you.

Fun But Helpful Fact:- The day I stopped drinking green tea, is the day I started losing weight. If you wanna lose weight get up and start working. Don’t wait up for some magic drink. And stop eating biscuits(even low fat), drinking soda drinks and control your fast food intake. Trust me 70% is your diet that makes the difference and the rest is exercise. Green tea is not in my list, sorry 😦

3. Advertisements in the real world around us:-


How many of you have seen a mannequin like this when you go out for shopping?

None Right.

Because the shops will never show you the reality of the world.

We are normal people, we don’t have perfect figures like the mannequins displayed on showrooms. Neither we girls are Priyanka Chopra nor the guys are Ranbir Kapoor. Dude, we can’t have those figures. They have those figure because that is what they do to earn their Roti Kapda Aur Makan(Chappati/Bread, Clothes & House). That is their source of earning, they have all the time in the world to take care of every inch of their body(even though you go to gym you cannot go do a lip job can you?).

So, what I mean to say is that why don’t these malls and showrooms show the reality to the public instead of misleading them. And for us “Jaago Grahak Jaago”(Wake Up Customer! Wake Up)

4. Perfume Commercials:- 


The Axe Effect :p

These are the ads that I absolutely hate. These advertisements are highly misleading, inappropriate and insulting:-

a) They show that women are attracted to a guy who uses such perfumes. Being a girl I absolutely hate it and it gives me a headache and most of the ladies will agree to me that unless you don’t stink trust me you don’t need a perfume to attract girls. If you take a bath daily, I think you are absolutely safe :p .

b) They also insult women by showing that they are attracted to something cheap as a perfume. Trust me we girls are interested in how you treat us instead of how you smell around us.

So, please guys and girls, don’t get under such pressure.

That’s all for today’s blog, I hope you guys liked it. If I missed out on any points please let me know on the section below. I will have a part2 of this blog if I get sufficient inputs.

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Sobhalisha Panda

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