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Disclaimer: Looking at the crime rates against women, the idea for this blog popped up in my mind. This post is not intended to offend the male gender or any other who might take this personally. This is just a fun blog which intends to generate some awareness among people. In case I offend someone which isn’t the intention, my apologies in advance.

Today’s post is very interesting, I am sure you are going to like it, so without wasting any time let’s get started.

The Story

“Shruti, where are you going”, asked her father giving her an annoyed look.

“I am going to attend Priya’s birthday party Papa”, replied Shruti with a puppy face.

Listening to her response Mr. Mishra got up from the sofa and with a confused look on his face went near and slowly brushed her shoulder softly and said, “Look Beta, haven’t you seen the news recently? What’s happening to girls nowadays, it’s not safe for you outside dear.”

“But Papa, you don’t stop Bhaiya from going outside, why me?”, asked Shruti giving her father a disappointed look.

“Shruti, don’t argue, this is a male dominated society, he can go out in the evenings because he is a guy. End of discussion”, said Mr. Mishra giving his final decision.

“But Papa…”, said Shruti in a pleading tone.

“Shruti, stop arguing with you father”, shouted Mrs. Mishra who was witnessing the entire scene from a distance.

“Come inside the kitchen and help me”, said Mrs. Mishra ending the entire discussion then and there.

4 hours later

That night lying on her bed Shruti kept on murmuring, “Male dominated society, my foot. It is the men who commit maximum number of crimes, it is they who rape, it is the male who do eve teasing, torture women and what not that I can’t even think about and maximum of the women are sufferers. But we women have to face the restrictions, it’s like instead of curing the root cause of the disease you are keeping your body in a glass box hoping that the disease will cure itself. That’s bullshit. Dear god, if you are there please do something for us women. Let men realize what we feel when we go through this gender racism. Do something, please god, do something.”

God’s assistant was listening to this entire murmuring of Shruti and reported this to god. God smiled listening to this wish and said to his assistant, “Let’s grant Shruti’s wish and make her see what happens if the world were to run the way she wants”.

Next Day

“Good Morning Shruti Beta”, said Mr. Mishra in a surprisingly sweet tone.

“Good Morning Papa”, replied Shruti in a soft voice.

Shruti sat in front of the TV and tuned into the news channel. The news channel which was generally hosted my a male reporter has all of a sudden changed into a woman reporter. Shruti had a strange feeling about it but she shrugged it off.

Shruti’s brother came back from the gym. He was wearing a loose vest and shorts that he always wore. Looking at him Mrs. Mishra started shouting at him, ” What are you wearing, don’t you know it’s not safe to wear such exposing clothes? It’s not safe outside.”

Listening to this Shruti was completely blown away, she couldn’t believe her ears and eyes. She was confused as to what was going on. Why were her parent imposing restrictions on her brother that were generally imposed on her. The day passed by and strange incidents kept on occurring the entire day.

That very evening Mr. Mishra came near Shruti and gave her approval for the Goa plan that she had been seeking approval for since months while her brother was prohibited to leave the house after dark. Shruti was allowed to go wherever and whenever she wanted. She could wear whatever she wanted and do whatever she wanted. The society had suddenly turned into a female dominated society overnight.

Shruti was very happy and was enjoying her freedom.

Next Morning

Shruti opened the newspaper and saw the headline on the newspaper.


Shruti was super happy while reading, she felt at ease looking at it.

“Finally, women can breathe in free air, Thank You God”, she said looking towards the idol of Krishna in her house.

A few days passed by and things kept getting better for Shruti, her friends and the women worldwide. They were now enjoying all the freedom that was previously experienced by men.

After a few days

Shruti woke up and went to her drawing room and switched on the TV. A female reporter was reporting ” Crime rates have again started picking up. 4 women gang raped a guy who was heading back to his home late after office”. Shruti started trembling looking at the news. She switched the channel and in every news channel there were headlines of how women have started committing the crimes against men. The entire world was again in terror. The situation outside was getting worse.

Suddenly Shruti’s brother Amit entered the house. He looked injured. He came and sat on the sofa and burst into tears.

“What happened Bhaiya?”, asked Shruti in a trembling voice.

“A group of girls were trying to rape me near an empty road. I ran for my life”, said Amit.

Shruti was shocked as to what was happening. She and her parents consoled Amit.

That night Shruti kept on thinking about the events of the day and slowly felt asleep.

She had a dream.

In the dream she was sitting in God’s palace having a conversation.

Shruti asked god, “I only wished for men to face their own actions so that they will realize what goes on in with women on a daily basis. I didn’t mean for all of this to happen.”

God smiled listening to Shruti, he said, “Dear girl, whenever anyone male or female get more freedom then needed, when one gender is prioritized and the other one is suppressed, they misuse that freedom. That is basic human nature. Male dominated society or female dominated society there shouldn’t be any such thing. There should be a balance in between both, only then we can turn the world into a peaceful place where every gender is respected, where there is no racism, where every living being is given equal rights.”

Shruti woke up from her dream. It was early morning, everything was back to normal, she smiled thinking about her dream but now she had realized no human is superior or inferior and the importance of a balance in the society and also the importance of restrictions.

Shruti was an amazing writer and started conveying her thoughts to the world in her articles and write up hoping that people will realize and do something to protect humanity and themselves.

The End

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